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There is a growing trend within the food broker industry. This trend boxes out small to medium sized manufacturers that attempt to introduce new and seasoned products to the open market. Although these products may have great potential if customers knew they exist, they are not receiving adequate representation from large brokers firms. T and L Global Marketing Inc., as a Food Broker Partner, believe in one simple idea - even modestly sized companies or individuals deserve the full attention, and service of their broker. T&L Global Marketing Inc., offers an equal playing field for small and large client bases.


Our services

Our services include, but are not limited to the following: · Broker will present product to direct buyer/decision maker that represents the interest of 5000+ retail, and wholesale sales outlets in local and global markets. · Seek out distributorship opportunities Broker is willing to attend national sales event on your behalf for an agreed upon expense. If you have questions or would like to submit your product for review click on the link below. T&L Global Marketing Inc., reserves the right to decline any product submission. Submit Your Product

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When we step in

We interact directly with purchase managers, owners, buyers, and import department heads. To insure we understand our client's need we also offer face-to-face personal service. We have a reliable and professional source of manufacturers. We make sure every process is streamlined for efficiency, and on-time delivery without any compromise to quality

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